The mission of the Dunning Neighborhood Beautification Committee is to enhance and restore the beauty of Dunning.  The Committee will plant trees, establish gardens and otherwise decorate and improve the Township’s public landscape.  The Committee will further endeavor to educate and engage residents in beautification projects and clean-up activities to benefit the community.

Additionally, the organization will seek to implement capital improvements such as streetscaping and participate in the development of sustainable infrastructure by working with community residents, government officials, and local businesses.

Avenue Banner Program

The DNO Avenue Banner Program is planning to make light post banners available to sponsors, either businesses, organizations, and individuals. We're currently working on selecting a suitable design that's representative of the Dunning community and we are also setting up the infrastructure that will enable us to offer banners to local sponsors. We plan on having the program in place by late spring, early summer of 2015.


As part of the DNO's neighborhood beautification effort, we are endeavoring to promote and inform the community of streetscaping options. Streetscaping enhances the livability, vitality, and walkability of a community. It can include things like "street furniture", decorative lamp posts, benches and planters, and public art like banners, sculptures, and murals. Many of our streets have 60's and 70's era design elements that could use some updating.